‘Brand-new Samsung TV was ruined by thunder flies crawling inside it’

The reader's Samsung TV
The Samsung TV (left) doubles up as a wall picture

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Dear Katie,

I bought a Samsung Frame television in March for £949. It nearly killed me to pay that price for a TV, but it doubles up as a nice wall picture so I decided it was worth it.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed what I thought were “dead” pixels in the screen. After contacting Samsung I was told that they were in fact thunder flies and their removal would not be covered by the warranty, so it won’t pay. I’ve been told I need a whole new screen fitted.

Samsung is denying that this is a design issue. But how can they sell a TV designed to double up as a piece of art which allows insects to climb into the screen?

I’m unsure as to what my next steps should be.

ML, Stamford

Dear ML,

I’m not surprised you were annoyed that the screen was ruined within months through no fault of your own. Samsung claims your experience is rare and not the result of a design fault.

But a quick online search threw up loads of examples of the same issue with other Samsung TV sets. Each time Samsung apparently says insects flying inside the screen isn’t covered by the warranty, leaving customers to pay for the repair. Your case is no exception.

The thunder flies inside the screen

But if it wasn’t the result of a design fault, then how did the little critters manage to get under the screen? Repair experts tell me they can fly in through the back and make their way to the front, where it is light and warm.

However they got in, I’m afraid Samsung isn’t budging. But thankfully Argos, from where you bought the TV, has taken a more generous approach.

As it is within warranty, as a gesture of goodwill, it has offered you a replacement up to the same value of £949. You are free to choose a different model if you wish, although I note that this issue does not appear to be specific to Samsung Frame TV sets.

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