An artificial 'vroom' and £3,000 speakers: the extravagant 'extras' in Porsche's first electric sports car

The Porsche Taycan is the electric vehicle everyone's talking about - but how will buyers be able to make theirs even more special?
The Porsche Taycan, unveiled this week at the Frankfurt Motor Show, is the electric vehicle everyone's talking about - but how will buyers be able to make theirs even more special?

The purchase of a Porsche is always a special occasion, especially if it’s the iconic 911 sports car. But the 911 has some serious competition after the company revealed its first fully battery-electric four-door sports coupé, the Taycan. At a preview in Berlin last week, and then an unveiling at the Frankfurt Motor Show today, the car was revealed to international press. 

And if you weren’t considering buying an electric car, then there’s a good chance you might be now - the Taycan boasts blistering performance figures, space for four and all the luxury you expect from the Stuttgart marque. 

There are plenty of upholstery options including sustainable leather - or go the full vegan with recycled trim

When it goes on sale early next year the price will be £115,858 for the Taycan Turbo and £138,826 for the Turbo S - but it's very easy to spend even more on extras. We spent a bit of time rummaging around the Porsche GB configurator to see which options would make the Taycan even more special.

There are plenty of interesting items, such as the Porsche logo puddle lamps, seat massaging and even something called the Porsche Electric Sport Sound, which, for £354, makes your electric car sound just a little more sporty. We’re guessing this is the equivalent of fitting a sports exhaust to one of those old-fashioned internal combustion engine cars. 

Your passenger can have their very own touch screen infotainment system

Not surprisingly the options list is rather extensive - but here is our rundown of five essential boxes to tick if you are planning to get your order in for one of the most highly anticipated electric vehicles of 2020.

Environmentally friendly upholstery

First up is sustainably-tanned Club Leather which uses olive leaves to create the darkened effect. That will cost you £1,562 or £1,898 if you want it in two-tone. Vegans who have been looking at the Tesla Model S (which interestingly has a leather steering wheel because Tesla can’t find anything better) have the option of the Race-Tex fibre, which is a no-cost option. Fascinatingly, it uses various recycled elements including fishing nets for the flooring. Hopefully the Taycan won’t smell bad if left in the sun too long. 

Something for your co-pilot

An essential has to be the front passenger infotainment display. It’ll cost you an extra £725 but your passenger will have their own touchscreen, be able to input navigation destinations, change the music or even see exactly what speed you are doing. Although if you have a teenager who likes to control the audio system, this option could backfire. 

Lounge audio

You really can’t beat the £3,245 Burmester 3D high-end surround sound system. It will take your favourite tunes from a streaming service and make you think you are listening to them on top notch home speakers. As a bonus, you’ll be in an electric car, so the music is just about all you will hear.

Taycan to the max

Looking to make your Taycan even more sporty? Then it’s the Sport Design Package by the brand’s bespoke department, Porsche Exclusive Manufaktur, that you’ll be wanting. It will add £3,282 to the price of your Taycan but you’ll get a front apron, side sills and additional rear aerodynamics. Plus yours will stand out from the rest of the Taycans that will be parked in London’s exclusive suburbs by early 2020. 

The Porsche Taycan luggage set

Something for the weekend?

Finally, the most expensive option. It’s not one that will help you go faster, it’s not even one that will make things inside the car more sporty or comfortable: it's Porsche’s luggage set. For a cool four grand you’ll get a small bag, a small weekender and a large weekend and a garment bag. The set is strictly for fans of the matching look only - unless you've gone for the vegan Race-Tex interior, of course, as all the bags in the set are leather.

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