Section 21: will banning 'no-fault' evictions kill the buy-to-let market? 

Section 21 
Section 21 allows landlords to remove tenants from a property without reason Credit: Thomas Broom for the Telegraph

The Government’s plan to abolish section 21, a law that allows landlords to remove tenants from a property without reason, has caused controversy since its announcement in April.

Landlord pressure groups claim that the supply of homes will shrink and rents will rise if the changes are given the green light. Renters’ unions claim that the increased security will make renting property more attractive and lead to higher quality tenants coming to market.

Plans to simplify evictions under section 8, where the landlord must apply to a court, have also divided opinion.

Telegraph Money asked two of the leading voices in this debate to have their say. David Smith of the Residential Landlords Association...

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