Meghan and Boris love it, so what's so special about Tignanello, the 'flash' new wine status symbol?

Boris Johnson Sajid Javid 
Sajid Javid reportedly took a 'stash' of Super Tuscan Tignanello to Chequers Credit: Aaron Chown/AFP

What do Boris Johnson, the Duchess of Sussex and a very successful former Manchester United manager have in common? Not much, on the face of it. But they do share a penchant for one thing – red wine. A specific red, to be precise. 

Last week, when Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid visited the Prime Minister at Chequers, he brought with him "a stash" of Tignanello. If you haven't heard of it, you're not alone. Boris, however, has been a fan for some time.

During his leadership campaign, he told Politico Playbook: "Someone bought me a crate of Tignanello and I had no idea how expensive it was. I was just glugging it back. It's extraordinary stuff, it was delicious. I discovered later that...

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