BT boss warns a Sky-Virgin Media deal would 'beat up' his company

BT boss Philip Jansen
Philip Jansen fears BT's impending full-fibre network could be compromised by a Sky-Virgin tie-up  Credit: Hollie Adams/Bloomberg

The boss of BT has urged rivals Sky and Virgin Media not to "beat up" his business by launching their own broadband partnership.

Philip Jansen, chief executive, admitted that a deal in which Sky would use Virgin's internet cables represents a significant threat to BT.

He suggested that all parties' interests could be better served by a new three-way deal that he claimed could protect returns for investors and deliver a nationwide broadband upgrade more quickly.

Speaking at a dinner in London, Mr Jansen argued that a “let’s beat up BT” attitude would damage the telecoms industry and that there is a “formula that could work” for broadband providers and customers.

Sky, owned by American cable giant...

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